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North Carolina continues to attract new residents. We’re not surprised.

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The Triangle has as many amenities as a much larger city, like a Chicago or Boston, but without the “huge city” feel.

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Newsweek names Raleigh-Durham a new Silicon Valley

Posted on 11/11/10 No Comments

The Triangle has been named one of the Top 10 Places in America Poised for Recovery by Newsweek.

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National real estate stats are useful, but it’s important to focus locally

Posted on 10/25/10 No Comments

On the whole, when factoring market data into the decision to sell or buy, it’s important that you stay local. That is, look into data for your particular region of the market, often drilling down to your very street.

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North Carolina named #3 on Forbes’ list for Business and Careers

Posted on 10/14/10 No Comments

From a housing market standpoint, what lies behind these accolades (and the many others we receive here in the Triangle) is what helps maintain a relatively healthy market.

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Relax. You Live in the Triangle.

Posted on 09/07/10 No Comments

Living in the Triangle can help you chill out, according to a recent survey.

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