New grocery store chain presences signals continued growth for Triangle

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Publix is a not a new grocery store chain. They’ve been around a long time (84 years) and have more than a thousand stores in only six states. And like so many other national business, the very popular food store has taken a liking to North Carolina and will open its second Triangle store in Cary, making for a total of eight statewide.

Publix has purchased a number of shuttered Lowes stores and revamped them with their own friendly, healthy green logos and branding. Publix is a somewhat higher-end chain, meaning they won’t have quite the same bargain prices of a Food Lion or Piggly Wiggly. However, their deli is fantastic; by all means, order one of their sub sandwiches. (Online ordering!) Good stuff.

Anyway, Publix’s rapid expansion into our area is a good sign for the economic future. Grocery stores are always crucial anchors for neighborhoods. In fact, many home developers avoid building on lots that aren’t close to one. After all, people want to be close to the things they need. Thus, Publix’s growth is a direct result of regional home buyer demand.

Whether you shop at Publix or not, any new business to an area is good business, especially one that has been on FORTUNE’S “100 Best Companies to Work For List” since 1998.

Is it lunch time yet?

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