Triangle To Do: Cary to host food truck festival this Sunday!

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Image from the LA Weekly. 


Ah, food truck food.

This trend in mobile eateries just continues to surge. And why not?

The food truck industry has exploded in the last five years throughout the Triangle. Heck, it’s a national industry, finally breaking away from its construction site reputation of cheap sandwiches and burgers. It was even featured in the very heart-warming movie “Chef,” with Jon Favreau. (It’s on Netflix.)

Raleigh at first struggled a bit with how to legislate the new form of business, but everything is now on the up and up, and food trucks continue to provide an array of creative, affordable eats around the region. The Triangle has several food truck rodeos every year, and one is never more than a couple of blocks away from most busy corporate centers.

What makes the industry so well received is that it’s allowed very good and very innovative chefs to showcase their kitchen artistry without the major startup costs and exceptional risk of a opening a restaurant. Trucks can be bought on the cheap, fixed up, and made cook-ready in very little time. Owners don’t have to pay for tables or chairs or staff. They are still governed by health inspection laws and submit to regular reviews. It’s a great new trend in business.

This weekend, Sunday 4/19, Cary will be hosting the Chatham Street Chowdown from 12:00 to 4:30. Yes, another food truck rodeo. And so what? It will be held right in Downtown Cary and 15 local food truck favorites will be hand, including Big Mike’s BBQ, Mac-UR-Roni, and All American Food Truck.

Oh, and with live music and a beer and wine garden on hand, it’s safe to say you can cancel your Sunday dinner plans.



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