National Inclusion Project’s Power of Play Conference comes to Raleigh

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A terrific event for children, families, and educators is being held in Raleigh at the end of this month.

The National Inclusion Project’s “Power of Play” Conference is being held at Marbles Children’s Museum in Downtown on March 30-31.

This unique initiative is centered on the need to promote physical activity and social involvement among children with developmental disabilities. It provides a professional resource for adults who work with children in any number of fields, from psychology to physical education.

According to the press release, “For 5 years, the Power of Play Inclusion Conference has drawn participants from around the country to gain knowledge and resources about the latest practices on including children with and without disabilities together in ALL activities.”

This is an excellent resource for local educators, children’s specialists, family counselors, and community advocates of all kinds. There is a strong focus on children with disabilities, but the conference is open to everyone who could benefit from the resources and models of education discussed. It’s also a great tool to learn how to teach all kids to interact with children who may not “look or act” like them.

Inclusion is the term applied to the cause of making sure kids of all abilities, and especially those with physical or development disabilities, are involved in the same sort of things all kids do.

There is also a strong local connection. The National Inclusion Project was co-founded by Clay Aiken, entertainer and recent North Carolina senate candidate. The idea blossomed from his relationship with a close friend’s autistic son, whom he noticed was not “included” in a number of things other kids his age were doing.

Marbles is an excellent venue for curious kids, full of games, science, and learning exhibits to match the imaginations of young children.

You can learn more about the Power of Play conference and the [National Inclusion Project]( on their respective websites. Raleigh should be proud to play host to this one-of-a-kind event.

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