Tobacco Road Basketball League is minor on costs, but major in fun

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Did you know that Cary, Raleigh and Durham all have professional basketball teams? With team names like the Invasion, Revolts, and Bull City Legacy, respectively, how can you not want to learn more?

The teams, along with many others from cities like Charlotte, Wilmington, Greensboro, Atlanta, and Auburn, AL, play in the Tobacco Road Basketball League.

Obviously, the league is largely centered in North Carolina. However, its talent is pulled from all over the southeast, which anyone who has lived here for even a few months knows is full of hoops skill. It helps that ACC basketball is historically one of the best athletic traditions in America.

The minor league organization has been playing for four years—now entering its fifth season—and is still accepting new teams. The players aren’t paid millions, given sneaker deals, or attract Hollywood producers to their sidelines. What they do do is play a really enjoyable game in local facilities. You may not have heard of many of the league’s players, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend a few bucks to watch hard-fought, fun, and talented basketball that is reminiscent of the old-school, cramped-gym, southern Sunday leagues that led to so many kids learning to love a sport that started when a bottomless peach basket was nailed to a wall.


“It helps that ACC basketball is historically one of the best athletic traditions in America.”


The Triangle rosters are full of guys who played at local and regional schools like North Carolina Central, St. Augustines, UNC-Pembroke, Barton, Fayetteville St., UNC-Asheville and Shaw. A number of teams are also embedded with standout high school players, Charlotte especially.

To find out more about the 2014-15 Tobacco Road Basketball League teams, schedule, and home courts, visit the website for the Cary Invasion. You can find other teams’ pages there as well.

Take the kids, and let them cheer loudly.

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