Merry Christmas from Ann & Amy!

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seasons greetings from ANN & AMY REAL

Another year is just about over, and here we are at Christmas. Crazy how fast it all goes.

Thankfully, we’re as lucky today as we were last year at this time. We have our family and our health, the important stuff.

Of course, the business is important too. But we look at that like a bonus, something that makes everything else better. It’s a great job when you can help a family find a home, a place where family and friends gather this time of year. Far too often real estate is looked upon as a transaction business. It’s ultimately a service business, a model that helps people find what it is they need to house their kids and relatives and holiday parties. It’s so much more than sales, and all that comes into focus around this time of year.

We hope very much that you too are surrounded by the people who make you the happiest and most appreciative of what you have and what you accomplished this year. Be safe, remember what matters and make it a Merry Christmas.

We wish you all the best.



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