Homes value is measured in many ways

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A&A_ Home value
This is the best time of year to celebrate being home. This is when we recognize that it’s the time together that transforms houses into homes. The pictures of decorated mantles, banisters strewn with garland, and the front doors adorned with wreathes become the calling cards of family togetherness and reflection.

Our holiday memories are illustrated by┬átime spent in our homes. From kids finding elves on shelves and bad sweater parties, a lot of what we end up recalling in the years to come happened because we spent time at home. In the Triangle, we’re fortunate to have a rich history of homes that have history, that can boast generational memories. And while so many homes around us can still be found in local history books and within historic registers, that doesn’t mean that a new home can’t provide the same sort of nostalgia for its owners some day.

Point is, homes become more valuable every year in many ways beyond market appreciation. They become valuable to a family’s history, and to the fabric of the surrounding community. This is why the American Dream is so attached to the concept of home ownership, because so much of what and who we are originated around a crowded dining room table or in the laughter of a child being lifted high to place an ornament on a fresh cut tree.

There’s only 30 days left in 2014. It goes really fast. We hope you spent as much of it as possible inside.

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