VIDEO: Lake Crabtree Park’s mountain bike trails are enjoyed by many

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The Triangle is full of professionals who seek outdoor adventure and exercise as avenues of relief from the stresses of the workplace. And what better a place to acknowledge that need than the hardpack single-track of Lake Crabtree County Park’s mountain bike trails?

Being situated perfectly along the region’s primary commuting corridors makes the park an ideal post-work destination for those needing to pedal away office headaches. Or just a few calories. The trails offer something for every level of mountain biker, from the technical stunt jumper to those who enjoy the moderate cruising only a southeastern clay-loamed forest setting can offer. There are ramps, tree-hidden turns, roots, rock gardens, climbs and drops. In only nine miles, you can get a bit of everything that two fat tires were meant to take on, and all within 15 minutes of the office. And for many riders, it’s even closer than that.

Few places anywhere so centered around office space have this kind of outdoor recreation option so close by, you can even see I-40 traffic crawling along the asphalt as you zip along the fence-line of the park’s outer edge. Although, the park’s deer population does tend to cause a whole new kind of traffic problem on occasion.

The outdoor recreation market continues to explode in America, and everything from tents to mountain bikes are flying off shelves, even though many bikes are well above $5,000. And on any weekday at the Lake Crabtree parking lot, you could find a few that cost much more than that.

So if you find yourself in need of a new way to vent, lose weight, or just get outdoors, consider joining the thousands of Triangle mountain bikers that have helped shape and continue to ride the first, best place to ride in the Triangle: the Crab.

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