Unique, Clouds Brewing Bar & Grill is pouring in Downtown Raleigh

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Image from Clouds Brewing’s Facebook page.
Yes, we’ve written a lot about the craft beer scene in the Triangle. Reason being, it’s become a tremendous part of the area’s national identity. And, it’s a great local business story, helping to illustrate how business-friendly North Carolina has become and the level of entrepreneurship present in the region.

Joining the lineup recently is Clouds Brewing on West St. in Downtown. With its unique “Downpour” wall of select beers and simple, German and American bar food, perhaps what’s coolest about Clouds is that it makes no case for itself other than being a place to get great beer, regardless of who brewed it. Point being, it comes across as a place for people to just hang out, drink good beer, and become locals.

They feature outstanding daily specials on food and brew, promote special events (like free yoga classes in its spacious dining, er, drinking room) and serve up their own mojitos with mint grown out back. That’s cool, especially for those non-beer fans among us. (As few of you as there are.) They also serve wine.

Perhaps best of all is the set-up. Ideal for North Carolina weather, Clouds has two glass garage doors that lift open to blend its shaded patio with the interior dining room. Sure, they may be blowing leaves off of the bar on occasion, but it’ll make for a sweet spot to hang out for at least another few weeks, and especially come spring.

While Clouds isn’t yet crafting their own beer, they do anticipate having their brewery up and running in a few months. But that’s okay, because there is a lot out there for people to enjoy already, especially around these parts.





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