Local duo makes fitness easy for working moms in Raleigh

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Bootcamp Moms

It’s a great story of local entrepreneurship; but first its a tale of just how challenging it can be for mothers to find time for themselves.

Every mom has been there. Tired. Worn out. Just wanting a nap. Then, you’re own health goes down hill.

Well Kyle Furlow and Jen Pinder of Raleigh decided to put a stop to it. They decided they could raise great kids and still be healthy and active. After all, being in shape would only help them get through the ups and downs of raising kids on a daily basis. So they committed to getting together as often as possible—almost every day—to work out. Not only did it help them lose recent baby weight, but they soon found new energy for everything else motherhood packed on.

Today, their efforts have materialized into a growing fitness business for busy women. Kyle and Jen launched Bootcamp Moms to focus on helping women get into shape using practical, proven fitness tactics out from under the glaring stereotypes of franchised gyms and strip mall fads. The classes are held  in and around their North Raleigh neighborhood. They also offer personal training, nutrition advice, and TRX classes.

On Mondays and Saturdays the group meets at Leesville Baptist Church and on Thursdays at Harrington Grove’s Clubhouse. The schedule specifics can be found on their website. Best of all, membership is very affordable and simple, this is far from any sort of high-pressure club. They just want you to do what you can, when you can, as long as you’re staying active.

Bootcamp Moms also has web-based workouts you can do at home in case you can’t make it to a class. And by the way, the classes are not just for moms, all women are invited.

As are husbands, if they can handle it.

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