Raleigh’s Union Station illustrates continued investment in Downtown lifestyle

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images from Raleighnc.gov

Downtown Raleigh is getting what could be called its first “transit oriented development.”

The hot term in commercial development is about building around or very close to mass transit centers, in this case, the new Raleigh Union Station, located in what is now called the Warehouse District.

Raleigh_UnionEastFromTicketing     Raleigh_UnionStation_CanopyAtMartinWest

In addition to being a hub for the regional Amtrack Line, Union Station will house commercial office space, retail shops and of course, a few restaurants. It’s easy to assume it will also become home to a brewery, coffee shop, and more than likely, a local marketing company will relocate. It just sort of fits.

This is a very cool thing for Raleigh, in our opinion. It signals continued growth and investment in the urban core and will help spur more residential growth.

Union Station is set to break ground in March of next year and be open in Spring of 2017. The hope is that it will become a bustling transportation hub, maybe even serve a local light-rail type system, which is all Raleigh needs to finally be on par with places like Portland, Charlotte and Atlanta. Nevertheless, Raleigh has done quite well without one. But boy, it sure would make I-40 a lot more tolerable each morning.

Designers are hoping that Union Station will congeal the community, creating a center for public art, pleasing architecture, and entrepreneurship. As Raleigh has continued its growth spurt into international maturity, more people are using the train to come here from other southeastern destinations. However, the current station is simply too small and has fewer than 60 parking spaces.

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