Triangle To-Do: North Carolina Zoo makes a great family weekend

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The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, about an hour or so west and a bit south of the Triangle, just recently put its new lion cubs on display. Although they are not yet part of the full-time exhibit, this video gives you almost enough of the experience.

Then again, how could you get enough of four curious lion kittens?

If you’re looking for a great day trip when your football team is off, or if you just need to shake off a bad loss, head to Asheboro. Our zoo is much bigger than you might expect given that it’s not located in a major city, but the benefit is that many of the animals have very large, open-land areas in which to roam. The elephants, antelope, and gazelles, for example, stride and play amongst acres of natural landscape in the Watani Grasslands.

In total, the North Carolina Zoo has more than 1,600 individual animals. Granted, not all of them are on display every day, but there will always be plenty on hand to help families and kids learn about and love animals. Speaking of which, remember that zoos are terrific sources of education about animals, not just places to see them. Take advantage of the NC Zoo’s programs like Zoo Camp, or encourage your kids’ teachers to arrange a Zoo To You event, in which biologists and zoo specialists bring animals to the classroom.

With the cooler days of fall ahead, we can think of few regional highlights more family-oriented than a trip to Asheboro, NC and the North Carolina Zoo. Plus, they have lion kittens … you know, small, less ferocious lions.

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