Raleigh once again ranks as nation’s best place for business

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A&A- Raleigh#1

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Forbes magazine tends to favor the Triangle. And for good reason.

Once again, Raleigh was named by the business magazine The Best Place for Business & Careers in 2014.

We’re always thankful for the recognition and as business professionals doing business in and around Raleigh, it’s our job to promote the benefits of our great area. In truth, Raleigh is buoyed by its sister cities, Cary and Durham. Of course, Apex and Chapel Hill matter quite a bit, too. This is because so many people live in one city and work in another. Raleigh people head to Cary for work, and vice versa. You can say we’re a family of communities and as the capital, Raleigh is the figure-head.

The magazine’s editors wrote about the City of Oaks, “Fueling Raleigh’s consistent results are business costs that are 18% below the national average, and an adult population where 42% have a college degree, the 12th best rate in the U.S. (30% is the national average).” 

In a time when many business leaders are concerned about federal regulation and the overall economy, being recognized as a place where it’s affordable to start and conduct business is key to long-term growth. Obviously, having the largest research park (RTP) in the United States located right in the geographic middle of the region helps tremendously, as does the massive university base.

We hope to see more business decision makers around the country give Raleigh and our family of towns a look when it comes to finding a new place to settle. We have so much to offer in terms of housing, education and lifestyle.

Of course, we may be a bit biased.


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