Even more news from Downtown Cary: new library on the way

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Yes, that whole Internet thing is pretty popular these days.

But you always need a library.

Thankfully, the folks handling the remake of Downtown Cary know that, too.

Despite the web-based, everything-at-a-tap information age we’re living in, the Wake County Library system remains a very popular facet of the Triangle community. Just stop by any weeknight or afternoon to see a wide array of people taking advantage of its many terrific programs. Oh, and you can even check out books, you know, for free.

The Downtown Cary project will renovate/replace an outdated unit of our public library which is across the street from the Cary Arts Center, one of the highlights of the town’s urban overhaul. The project is currently slated to begin in 2017.

Today’s library is not what most people may remember. Modern search tools have replaced the way we used to track down books decades ago and kids can get involved daily in a number of innovative reading and arts-based programs. Adult learners use the computers constantly and eschew noisy coffee shops for the mandated silence of the library.

In conjunction with the Arts Center, Downtown Cary’s redevelopment has taken a very favorable academic slant; no one can argue it’s “all about business.” In contrast, it’s all about community. And that’s the best way to ignite growth.


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