Boutique hotel a step closer to reality for Downtown Cary

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image from The Mayton

The Triangle town of Cary is recognized nationally as one of the best places to live. Its affordable housing and great access to high paying jobs are just a couple of the reasons why that’s been true for so long.

Still, as the suburbs grew and the restaurants came, the quaint urban center of the town somewhat languished. Or at least, it didn’t keep pace with all the other great things that were going on around it. Until a couple of years ago.

Town leadership has smartly invested in making Downtown Cary the place it always could be—and they’re just about there. The most recent effort involves yet another wise public-private partnership, this one to bring in a 45-room boutique hotel called The Mayton Inn.

It will be located at East Park and South Academy and is expected to cost just over $9 million. A loan was just approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to fund a small portion of it. The rest of the funding will come from city coffers and the Inn’s owners. The hotel is also integrating a number of energy-efficient systems and materials into its classic Georgian-style architecture.

Towns like Cary need hotels like The Mayton Inn. They compliment the city’s approach to revitalization, which is to communicate the area’s historic relevancy while providing convenience and lodging options for the many business leaders, sports teams and visitors to the area. Not everyone prefers Comfort Inns and La Quintas. Plus, the Triangle has no shortage of business organizations and groups that could use the Mayton for events and gatherings, as well as weddings and other forms of private use. Why not try to earn some of that market, which is tremendous in our area?

The Mayton Inn isn’t a done deal yet. (Well, nothing in real estate is until it’s open.) However, ownership plans on having rooms ready by next summer.

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