Wake Forest eatery to feature farm fresh fare

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This is not a new concept, but it’s a very good one. And for North Raleigh and Wake Forest residents, it’s going to offer a great new dining option.

A new restaurant, simply called Farm Table, will showcase a menu of dishes sourced by regional farmers, meaning that most of what you will order will have never been frozen or at all preserved before finding its way to your plate. (Of course, there is always a need to keep things refrigerated and stored properly; but, rest assured you won’t get a steak that’s been under a block of ice for a month.)

Not only are “farm to table” concepts a great celebration of our farming culture, they often result in outstanding food. Because of the make-up of the menu and limitations of wanting to serve food that is as fresh as possible, chefs often devise very unique and uncommon meals based on the seasonal success of certain vegetables and meats. This means more creative menus and limited runs of certain dishes, so you can go back a few weeks later and see something new.

This approach also tends to result in restaurant owners and managers working with smaller farms that aren’t profiting from large corporate contracts, meaning the farmers have a lot of motivation for providing very high quality food, as it can become a great source of local pride and demonstrates support of North Carolina’s rich agricultural history.

We’re very excited about this restaurant and while it’s kind of on the other side of the Triangle from us, we hope we get the chance to visit it soon.


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