Sign of the Times: Town of Apex installs electric car chargers

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Wow, this is cool.

Downtown Apex, one of the Triangle’s most authentic, has just installed and opened to the public electric car charging stations.

There was a time when this sort of use of public resources would be widely derided and debated, even though a grant from NC State made it possible.

The little town that could is now able to accommodate the growing number of people who drive 100% electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf. The convenience will pay off in spades for folks who use their more economic vehicles to run weekend errands or make the short commute back and forth from Research Triangle Park. Furthermore, it’s just good business. Electric cars are no longer a novelty.

The Triangle is continuing to grow, attracting new families from cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and New York who are coming for the wide array of high-tech job opportunities. In many larger cities, citizens have come to depend on public car charging stations. These projects also speak to the larger issue of a how a collective municipality like the Triangle addresses its public transit needs.

The Town of Apex is also getting on board by putting to use another grant awarded to fund a large portion of the cost to acquire four electric vehicles for use by city officials. Smart move.

The Apex car charging stations are located on Saunders Street across from the police station.

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