North Hills’ Midtown Park adds to list of Triangle outdoor entertainment venues

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North Hills in Raleigh used to be just a tired mall sitting alongside the Beltline. But the vision of local real estate developer John Kane concocted an entirely new neighborhood now known as “Midtown.”

Rich with shops and eateries, coffee stands and office space, Midtown has become the go-to non-downtown neighborhood for young professionals. New, contemporary housing is emerging within the sales price confines of traditional, “Inside the Beltline” estate homes.

Now, another component of the North Hills vision is coming to light in the form of a multi-use outdoor entertainment space. Kane Realty will open a new 1-acre park and amphitheater for concerts and other forms of live entertainment.

The Triangle is blessed with several outdoor entertainment venues, starting with Walnut Creek Amphitheater, the first of what is now an ever-growing list of urban sound stages. There’s also Cary’s Koka Booth and Downtown Raleigh’s Red Hat Amphitheater.

Midtown Park seems more targeted toward smaller local acts and events, given its limited seating. Nevertheless, the lawn space can sit up to 10,000. And it looks fantastic, like an urban entertainment space should.

The park sits below the soon-to-open apartment community Midtown Green and Chuy’s, the popular Tex-Mex chain out of Austin. The park’s grand opening is this Sunday’s North Hills Fashion Show.

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