Is it really spring?

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Wow, what a winter. The kids will be in school until July it seems.

But alas, the season has officially changed. Today is the first day of spring. Let’s hope Mother Nature knows her calendar.

Rest assured new residents, the past couple of months are not very common. We saw just about everything: snow, ice, sleet, rain and mixtures of each that seemingly came and went by the hour.

A southern spring though, is worth the wait. And the best part is that it tends to sneak up on us. Sure, we’re going to have some cold days ahead of us, but fewer and farther between. Beach weather is not at all that far away and without doubt, a weekend in April will pop up and give us the opportunity to drive “Down East.”

The other great sign of spring is the typical increase in housing market activity. The feeling of a new start tends to invigorate those who just a few weeks ago were only “thinking about maybe” looking for a new place. When the weather changes and new listings hit the market, people find new reasons to pursue property. Maybe a high school student is graduating, or that house you always kind of had an eye on snuck into the market.

Usually, we can time the upswing with the Dogwood blossoms, which start to flourish in mid to late April, or sooner if the weather is right. Nevertheless, they’re yet another welcome sign of the new season.

Let’s put the Winter of 2013-14 behind us. It’s all sunshine and rainbows from here.


Don’t go putting away the toboggan just yet.

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