VIDEO: It’s ACC Tournament Time. What’s your excuse?

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The annual tournament of workplace absence excuses is upon us. But in this big dance around accountability, there are very few losers. If you manage to meet your friends at the bar when you should be working, well, it doesn’t quite matter who had the best excuse. The point is, you’re there.

This year, this long-standing southern basketball tradition is bigger than its ever been. Next year, it will be even bigger when Louisville’s membership becomes official.

There are still plenty of old-schoolers out there who long for the smaller league’s traditions, where all the players stayed for four years and the rivalries were real, not made for broadcast television.┬áNevertheless, there is still great basketball to watch this week when the first round opens up tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in Greensboro when “all-sports-but-football” member Notre Dame takes on Wake Forest. The games won’t end until well after supper. Then comes day two.

That’s right, if you plan on watching all the games, you better come up with something that has you coming down with something serious; you might even have to actually get real about it, maybe turn an ankle or consider eating some bad leftovers.

We’ll say this much about the older, smaller tournament: you could miss only one day of work and pretty much see every game. Not anymore. You need to really commit.

Thursday brings the second round, with local NC State tipping off against Miami or Virginia Tech. On Friday, North Carolina plays Pittsburgh, Notre Dame or Wake Forest and Duke will face Clemson, Georgia Tech or Boston College. Wow. That’s a lot of match-up possibilities.

If you’re new to the area or this is your first year experiencing ACC hoops, get ready for a great few days. Of course, there are always more important things going on in the world than college basketball, but you might not get all the details until next Monday morning.

It’s almost tip-off. Better start coughing.

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