TRIANGLE TO-DO: Durham food truck rodeo redefines drive-in dining

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Barone Meatball Company will be at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo.
Evidently, food truck dining isn’t just a fad.

What used to be the domain of a few ambitious grill cooks who parked outside of construction sites has evolved into a showcase for niche culinary creativity.

Food trucks today focus on specific types of food and dishes, like grilled cheese sandwiches, meatballs or cupcakes. The dashboard chefs come from reputable restaurants and culinary schools and see their mobile craft as a way to make what they want outside of the pressures of a high-end restaurant kitchen.

In Durham this weekend, more than 40 food trucks will gather to celebrate their business and serve up some of the Triangle’s best truck-based menus. The event is being held at Durham Central Park on Sunday from noon to 4:00 p.m., rain or shine. The event itself is free so you’ll just pay for whatever grub looks best. The options will be plenty, and there will be live music as well.

Food trucks were for a while challenging local business laws, as regulators waffled on how to govern their presence along city streets. Eventually, the industry’s momentum became too much for city government to slow down; and, over-regulating them would have simply angered the marketplace. They’ve become a great addition to the local economy and help define the character of the Triangle’s urban centers.

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