Downtown Raleigh’s Hibernian Irish Pub Re-Opens

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A year after a grease fire leveled a Downtown Raleigh pub responsible in part for the revitalization of the Glenwood South district — and in turn, all of the city’s urban core — it is once again serving frothy pints and hearty meals thick in Irish tradition.

The Hibernian Pub had a soft re-opening last weekend to celebrate a St. Baldrick’s Foundation charity event, proving that the spirit of Raleigh’s rebirth is not — pardon the pun — a flash in the pan. Easily the most popular bar on Glenwood, the Hibernian is now larger, updated and ready to serve.

New to the bar is a roomy second floor patio sure to be the most popular seat in the house, a larger kitchen, updated dining areas and a stunning deep red interior decor. The new exterior construction themes clearly reflect its owner’s Irish roots. “If you’re going to rebuild, do it right” was certainly the theme here; however, much of the authentic Public House character that made the bar so popular remains intact. Pre-fire locals will be pleased to have their seats back. And for those new to the gathering place, this is indeed an Irish pub.

The bar formally re-opens tomorrow, Tuesday March 4 at 4:00 p.m. This may be worth punching out early.

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