Welcome home: Apex and Cary named two of Top Ten Safest Suburbs

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banner image from Housingwire.com
Cary and Apex may not really be suburbs anymore, given their size and popularity among those relocating to the Triangle. Still, it’s nice to see them named as #6 and #7, respectively, on Movato.com’s list of the Ten Safest Suburbs in America. The list can be seen on Housingwire.com.

It’s probably not smart to ever leave your door unlocked when you leave, but in Cary and Apex, you don’t have much to worry about if you do. The list-makers note that Apex is the hotter market right now, but Cary remains plenty active. Both towns have a variety of old and new, charm and contemporary. Their respective “small downtowns” are quaint and active with great restaurants and local retail options. Cary just re-opened a “new” movie theatre styled after the single-screen, non-stadium options so many of us grew up visiting.

Cary and Apex are made up of a number of planned developments that quickly coalesce into communities. Neighbors pay attention to things like speed limits, HOA rules and most importantly, one another. But maybe, that’s just those old Southern adages revealing themselves, even amongst the numbers who didn’t grow up here.

We could go on. The best way to experience Cary and Apex is to visit them when you’re considering a home here in the Triangle. We’d be happy to show you around.


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