Raleigh recognized as nation’s second fastest growing city

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Image from Forbes.com

Raleigh was named the nation’s second fastest growing city
in the latest survey taken by Forbes.com. Austin, TX was on top of the list.

This comes as no surprise, as the Triangle, which is formed by the aptly positioned cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, has been growing steadily for the last two decades. Most importantly, the region’s leaders have recognized the trends and reacted accordingly.

Decisions have been made along the way to expand highways, bolster commercial infrastructure and support housing industry growth. There’s not a city anywhere in America that doesn’t experience social and political growing pains. However, we always seem to come out stronger after the debates.

At the heart of the Triangle beats our thriving job center, Research Triangle Park, a primarily R&D-driven high-tech corridor between Raleigh and Durham that hosts many names in big pharma, blossoming bio-techs and IT juggernauts like IBM and Cisco. Naturally, the three major universities that also anchor each corner of the Triangle provide the ongoing technical expertise to power RTP.

But there is way more to our region’s growth than vials and terabytes. A very moderate cost of living clearly helps, as does a terrific access to lifestyle benefits like outstanding restaurants, theatre, concert venues, a thriving craft brewing industry and many places for outdoor pursuits, like wooded parks and miles of connected greenway.

We see no real reason why Raleigh won’t remain one of the country’s best places to live for quite some time. And while we always like to see things in the places we love stay the same, it’s nice to say we helped contribute to why so many people love to move here.

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