The Cary to bring old-time movie theater charm to downtown

Posted on 02/18/14 1 Comment


What a great idea.

For movie lovers who’ve grown somewhat tired of the crowded, character-less megaplex experience and long for the classic, afternoon matinee feel of old-time cinema, there’s now a new option in the Triangle: The Cary.

The newly renovated 180-seat movie and live entertainment venue harkens back to the days when small town theaters served as the arts and cultural heartbeat of middle America. It’s where first dates happened and Hollywood came to life for the rest of the country. They told us about history and created heroes.

The City of Cary should be commended for its efforts to pull this project together as part of its ongoing effort to revitalize the town’s urban arts core.

The Cary opens this weekend with two documentary film events, a screening of “Finding Nemo” for the kids and a formal “celluloid cutting” on Saturday morning. The highlight of the weekend will surely be the Sunday afternoon screening of “Casablanca,” without question one of the top ten films ever made and a timeless example of Hollywood art that absolutely holds up today. If you have never seen it, you must. And what better an opportunity?

The Cary is located at 122 E. Chatham Street in Cary.


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