Winter in the south

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When it’s just snow, and it doesn’t cause catastrophic traffic snarls or leave any loved ones powerless in the cold, winter in the south is really fun.

Snow here is still a novelty, despite what this year has brought us. There are plenty of older North Carolina residents (in our area) who can relate to seeing snow only every couple of years, and in very short bursts. Naturally, kids love snow days and all the innocent themes of celebrating a day away from school that coincide with it. Although this year, Wake County is already at a point of having to add some days to fulfill the annual calendar.

Back in 2000, the Triangle witnessed a dump of about two feet, that seemingly came out of nowhere. Everything stopped moving for more than a week. It was a record, and we haven’t seen anything close to that since.

Apparently this coming ice storm, which is mere hours away from making landfall as we type this, isn’t going to be all that fun.

The pending combination of cold and wet is the worst kind of winter weather, the kind you have to take seriously. No one wants to walk in the park when the branches around you are snapping and traction under foot is at a premium.

Maybe something will shift at the last minute, which is also not uncommon here. The Triangle exists on this funny fine line of weather patterns, where sometimes all it takes is a shift in zip code to go from harsh winter to moderate comfort. Maybe we’ll get a few inches of the good kind of winter precipitation, the kind that almost demands a walk in the park.

Well, just wait and see. Stay warm, stay safe and put on the tea kettle.


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