Southern hospitality, local vibes and great food make Southern diners unique experiences

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The Triangle has a healthy share of superb restaurants perfect for formal diners, dates, celebrations and romantic evenings away from the kids.

However, here in the South, it’s often the informal eats that earn the most attention. In fact, one would be very hard pressed to find anyone in our area who would choose white table cloths and bottle service over a plastic tray full of BBQ and fresh slaw. And if that isn’t you, well, you probably haven’t tried it.

Yeah, that’s as five-star as many of us like it.

If you’ve explored the more rural corners of North Carolina, you may have discovered that the local diner can be the center of the town’s identity, a gathering place for the local crowd, a barometer of the political winds and where you go to get good ole’ fashioned gossip.

So when we came across this list of area diners on, we felt it worth sharing.

Not all of these are necessarily BBQ joints per se, but they do share a knack for great food that’s affordable and served fast. And when you just want to spend a Saturday morning in a booth with your coffee and good company, well, no one’s going to be bothered by it — just like you’re at home.

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