More townhomes approved for Western Cary

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Townhomes straddle the line between condo and single-family home, offering ready-made neighborhood amenities and no-hassle exterior maintenance.

And now, the far west edge of Cary is going to see more than 300 of them built in the next few years.

Last week Cary town council members approved two developments, one to provide 144 townhomes and the other 169. Respectively, the communities will be located on Cary Glen Boulevard and Green Hope School Road. The larger of the two will also include some detached single-family homes.

Construction in this section of the county is inevitable. It’s close to the terrific Green Hope High School and offers an easy commute to Research Triangle Park. Additionally, even despite the irony of new construction, the area does offer some rural qualities that make it a bit more unique than other corners of the Triangle. There was little doubt that more homes were going to come.

There is some debate amongst current residents, which is understandable. Everyone should know what is going to happen with nearby vacant land. The townhomes will offer living options considered more affordable by most. However, today’s townhomes are spacious, well-designed and offer many of the benefits of free-standing homes, minus ownership of the land on which they sit. They are quickly becoming the living option of choice for young professionals seeking easier living as they launch careers and still thrive within active, entertainment-driven lifestyles.

Meritage homes, the developer, already has several quality communities throughout the Triangle and is a well-respected builder.

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