Another Raleigh craft brewery is a good thing, especially given how they’ll deliver

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Crank Arm Brewery is set to join a long list of craft beer makers in the Triangle. In fact, our region is becoming nationally known for its selection of beers made by entrepreneurs. Brewery tours have become a very popular event and locations are in every Triangle corner, including Fuquay-Varina.

But this time, there’s a twist. Or, a turn of a crank, rather.

Crank Arm Brewery will deliver their beer to restaurants (and we assume, people) only via rickshaw, bike and when needed, in a grease-powered vehicle. (Those kegs can get heavy.) Cool.

The company is sisters with Crank Arm Rickshaw, which has been given locals a lift around Downtown for the last several years. The brewery is soon to open on 319 W. Davie, in and around a growing part of Raleigh’s urban core.

The brewers don’t seem to have a website set up yet but you can learn more about their beer on their Facebook page.

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