Triangle To-Do: World-class comedy comes to Goodnights

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Charlie Goodnights

If you’re at all a fan of comedy, you should make Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh at least a once-per-year event.

And there is no better time to make that annual visit than this weekend, June 28-29, when Paul Riser visits the classic Goodnights stage.

Stand-up comedy is a true science of emotion. Getting people to laugh, especially when that’s the deliberate, paid-for expectation, is an exceptionally difficult task. Those who manage to make a name doing it are typically the best of the best. And while Riser may not be getting slammed by TMZ, the subject of a CNN news scroll or whatever else we require today to characterize a person as “famous,” he remains without question a must-see comedian. The man is more accomplished than most realize.

Goodnights’ old-time short stage, single spotlight and cramped floor make it as authentic a comedy experience as you’ll find anywhere in the country. There is probably a very good chance — even though they don’t publicize it— that Riser is testing new material and getting himself back on stage to hone material for a new show of some kind. It’s a common practice for comedians of his stature.

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