Case & Shiller say housing isn’t booming again. Good.

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Real estate booms are good for one thing: making us all worry about when it will bust.

In somewhat staccato rhythm, every article written about the state of the real estate industry refers back to the peak prices of 2005-06-07. Well, we now know that much of that was built on bad debt and confusing securities that ended up creating a global recession and the term “Great Recession.”

No wants that to happen again.

What the industry should seek is balance. Rising home prices are a good thing and real estate without question serves as a barometer for the national economy. But when at its extremes — high or low — bad things happen.

Every market should hope that its academic base, lifestyle opportunities and employment numbers consistently support the demand for housing, as they have here in the Triangle.

Every Realtor wants to see the industry flourish and the listings get signed. We also want to see people recognize the benefits of buying and creating a home. However, if we look too deeply too often at the numbers, we’ll lose sight of what home ownership is all about.

We’re very fortunate to live and list homes in one America’s most sought-after places to call home. Our real estate market is healthy and the future is on track to deliver growth; so let’s focus on that — not the past.

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