Thank you, teachers. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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It’s National Teacher Week. Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.

It’s hard to encapsulate what we owe teachers into a mere seven days. (Five, if you only count the work days.) Nevertheless, they’re worth every second of this week and we hope those who read this reach out to the teachers in your lives and remind them of their role in your and your children’s lives.

The value of our educators can be hard to see sometimes. Sure, we have test scores and grades and graduation rates to use as metrics, but doesn’t a child learn much more than can be measured?

Teachers serve as the link between parenting and development, slowly building a bridge between the moral groundwork instilled at home and the future world into which our kids will cross. It’s a classic team effort, and both sides are still greatly needed.

Whenever a national leader emerges, whether that person be from politics, business, the world of sports or otherwise, a teacher can be thanked. Behind the accolades and deeds, somewhere in the past, a teacher was there to put the last board of knowledge in place to allow that individual to take their first step into the world, and point them to the destination we’ve come to recognize.

A tired allegory maybe, but there’s without doubt truth to the role of teachers in the formation of our nation’s greatest minds. They all had mentors and predecessors, people who showed them the way. Maybe those people weren’t in front of a blackboard or writing study guides, but they were teachers nonetheless.

And we should thank them.


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