Triangle To-Do: Downtown Raleigh BBQ landmark to celebrate 75 years

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The debate about BBQ styles will wage long after anyone reading or writing this blog are present on this planet. And then it will keep going.

One thing that is not up for debate though, is where to go for authentic Carolina BBQ in Raleigh: Clyde Cooper’s on E. Davie St. in Downtown.

The compact, under-stated building sits among the trends and bars and high-rises of an ever-growing urban hotspot. And from that location, where it’s been since Mr. Cooper opened it 75 years ago, business people, locals and tourists alike get served some of the best plates of pulled pork available anywhere below the Mason-Dixon. Hush puppies are readily available, of course, as is the slaw and sweet tea. We meanĀ realĀ sweet tea.

To mark the three-quarters of a century birthday, current owners Randy and Debbie Holt will hold a fund-raiser for the local SPCA. Now that’s an event. Let’s see … have some fantastic southern BBQ and help lost and abandoned animals? Count us in.

According to The News & Observer, the event is scheduled for this Saturday, March 9. It will include live music and 10 different BBQ styles from local pit providers. Cost is only $5.00 and it starts at 11:00 a.m.

Now, despite all this tradition and history, Cooper’s does have to move for the sake of modern development sometime next year. A new, rather ambitious mixed-use development will take its place. However, they’ll remain in business and while the location hasn’t been disclosed, it’s certain to remain in Downtown Raleigh.

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