Cary is home to exciting new restaurant: Dean’s Seafood Grill & Bar

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Michael Dean’s — the original, hidden down on Millbrook Rd. — was a North Raleigh landmark. It was everyone’s “great place” that you hadn’t heard of. When it closed, or moved out to Falls of Neuse, it just wasn’t the same.

However, the company that grew from that restaurant, Rocky Top Hospitality, is now responsible for a number of terrific eateries around the Triangle, including Twisted Fork in Triangle Town Center and the under-rated lunch spot, Daily Planet Cafe in the Nature Research Center of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Downtown Raleigh.

Now, Cary is home to Dean’s Seafood Grill & Bar, which is exciting enough because it has the “Dean’s” name across the menu. It’s also cool because it has “bar” in the name, which means it will never get too stuffy or unwelcome to the post-work, game watching crowd, an element that makes any restaurant worth frequenting.

You can’t get enough seafood in a coastal state. Plus, since seafood is so easy to cook, it allows chefs to do creative things with it, and that’s where the unique flavor of a place comes from. Dean’s is vowing to educate diners on their plates, describing the way their fish is prepared, what it should be paired with and what it may be similar to if you’re trying something new. That’s always good.

The bar should be quite the draw as well, given the brand’s history with Martinis. More than 10 beers will be on tap and the wine list will include 80 labels.

So with the weekend coming up, maybe it’s time to make plans. Why not? There’s no football on this weekend.

Dean’s Seafood Grill & Bar is located on NW Cary Parkway near James Jackson Ave.

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