Southern Hockey is Back! Carolina Hurricanes First Home Game is Tuesday, 1/22.

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Few people thought NHL hockey — let’s face it, a Yankee sport — would ever take hold here in the land of college basketball, especially when the team was coming down from Connecticut.

It only took a couple of seasons for people to realize that hockey is a super-fun sport to watch, and that it’s played by guys who know how to take a punch, puck and plexiglass to the face, and keep coming.

This Saturday, 1/19, the Carolina Hurricanes end the tedious league lock-out when they head even farther south to take on the Florida Panthers. On Tuesday, 1/22, the Canes take on at home yet another southern team, the Tampa Bay Lightening.

Look for the addition of fan-favorite Eric Staal’s younger brother, Jordan, to make a difference in center ice in the second rotation. The younger Staal signed a 10-year deal with the team during the off season from the Pittsburgh Penguins. He is expected to play alongside Jeff Skinner, who started playing for the Canes when he was only 18-years-old.

In our opinion, the business end of professional sports has always affected the way games are played and we all know that the bottom line is what drives it. Thus, there’s no real reason for anyone to give up on hockey or the Hurricanes. After all, this is a Stanley Cup winning team, it’s not like they don’t give us something to pull for. Sure, the lock-out stinks and the NHL shoots itself in the skate every couple of years. But the game isn’t any less fun to watch.

Tuesday’s game starts at 7:00 p.m. at Raleigh’s PNC Arena. Make it loud.


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