VIDEO: NHL Hockey Lockout Hurts the Triangle

Posted on 10/25/12 No Comments

It wasn’t just the fact that Raleigh was a southern city that made the NHL’s granting of a franchise here so risky. It was also because the region is a college sports mecca, with three nationally historic basketball programs within a 25-mile radius of one another.

However, it only took a few years in West Raleigh for the Carolina Hurricanes to make their mark, silence the critics and win the Stanley Cup. Seriously impressive.

Now, it’s just sad.

The National Hockey League is in the midst of another player-owner contract dispute and games have been canceled at least through November. People love hockey because its fast, aggressive, hard-hitting and seemingly made up of approachable, blue-collar guys that like being asked for autographs and have little concern for how they dress at press conferences. Hockey players are, in short, a lot like normal folks.

What these lockouts do is shatter that reality. They remind us that all of our cheers and chants and dollars spent are once again, just avenues for revenue growth. Most people like to blame it on the owners. Maybe they are totally to blame.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter though because the people and businesses that have invested in the Carolina Hurricanes are still left without Hockey Night in Carolina.

Let’s wrap it up fellas; your league has enough trouble finding fans as it is.

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