Triangle To-Do: 2012 North Carolina State Fair

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The North Carolina State Fair opens today, Thursday, October 11 at 3:00 p.m. and is promising to bring you all the fried food, livestock shows and crazy, spinning, upside-down, just-assembled rides you can handle.

The fairgrounds are located on Blue Ridge Road in west Raleigh, just about equi-distant between Cary and Downtown.

North Carolina’s State Fair is something most families don’t want to miss, especially if you have kids old enough to enjoy everything that makes a fair, a fair. Ours is as traditional as you’ll find anywhere in the country, harkening back to the days of pride in farming, homemade goods and affordable family fun. There’s a reason it draws so many from around the state.

This year’s fair will have a host of daily and evening entertainment, ranging from fireworks to Garner’s own Scotty McCreery (already sold out.) They’ll be fried cupcakes of course, as well as an ongoing folk festival in the Kerr Scott Building. You can attend the tractor pulls all this weekend, an action sports stunt show during the day throughout next week (bikes and skateboards, etc.) and of course the staple of all such fair highlight reels, the demolition derby, held all next weekend from Friday to Sunday.

So sure, the rides may make us adults a bit queasy, but let’s face it, what do kids care? We certainly didn’t when we were young, right? Let them have their memories, even it means a few minutes in the bathroom afterwards. (More fried dough, anyone?)

The North Carolina State Fair is held until October 21. Here are more of the details on dates, costs and all the entertainment.



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