Raleigh Named America’s Best City

Posted on 09/20/12 No Comments

BusinessWeek just named Raleigh America’s Best City.

We can’t blame them. There’s a lot to like about living in Raleigh.

As we’ve said a few times before in response to these national accolades: all the great restaurants, businesses and schools here in Raleigh, and the Triangle in general, wouldn’t be possible without sound community leadership. Seriously. Many fast growing, popular areas around the country can be undone by civic and business leaders making the wrong decisions, demonstrating unfamiliarity with how to address change. Raleigh’s leaders have done a very good job handling everything that has come to pass during the last decade.

(Of course there are always controversial decisions, but what city doesn’t face that?)

We love the area for its affordable housing, too. There’s just so much to select from in neighborhoods that range from historic and quaint to gated and full of contemporary amenities, like pools and clubhouses and interior parks. You can rent an apartment Downtown or buy a condo in a classy urban high-rise. The living options are virtually unlimited.

There are miles of urban trails, as we just pointed out, many alternatives for active adults, places for younger adults and more than enough options for growing families. The schools are great, the colleges world-class and the recreation opportunities as rich as anywhere else. And the weather? Please.

So yeah, we’re proud to call this area home and are more than willing to brag about it.

We think you would too.


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