Football Fever Grips the Triangle.

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It’s fall.

Well, better stated: it’s football season.

While fans of the SEC will typically scoff at any area ACC fan celebrating the onset of Pigskin Fever (thanks, N.C. State), let it be stated that “there’s always basketball season.”

Until mid-November, we’ll just pretend we have a BCS title contender somewhere in the Triangle. Truth be told, judging by the tailgating, it’s hard to tell we don’t.

N.C. State helped kick off the opening weekend of Triangle football as part of a weekend of ACC-SEC match-ups in Atlanta. They didn’t really do a whole lot to dispel those “ACC can’t compete” myths. (Thankfully, Clemson did.)

Carolina’s new high-speed offense  started as advertised by laying a beat down on a clearly under-matched Elon team. One can argue the Phoenix didn’t do much to really test the potency of Larry Fedora’s pass-heavy attack, however, as far as “early season cupcakes” go, Elon doesn’t go down all that easy.

The best match-up came in Durham, where Duke faced Florida International, an upstart program rich in Florida speed and aggression. Despite a lengthy injury report, Duke played to a confident double digit win. They looked strong.

But it’s early.

We try not to dedicate this space to picking sides in Triangle college sports. You can find an argument for that just about anywhere. We just enjoy having so many great college athletic programs within such a tight radius. It’s great for sports lovers, as well the economy, education, job market and of course, the real estate market.

So good luck this football season to whatever color you pull for around here. And if the season doesn’t go too well for your team … remember, there’s always basketball season.

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