VIDEO: Has the housing market hit bottom? Does it matter?

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This video is really more of the same but it is worth the minute or two of watching. It’s filled with qualifiers and stats and other bits of data to encourage us agents and potential buyers and sellers to start talking positively.

But in Raleigh, Cary and Durham, we have been talking positively for quite a while.

Relatively speaking, you can’t find a better performing market right now. Houses are being found at fantastic prices in some of the best neighborhoods. Plus, sellers are walking away from closings in great spirits.

As we’ve said so many times before, if the time is right for you, there is no better time to buy or sell a home in the Triangle. It’s simply too difficult to try to time the real estate market, especially the one we’ve been experiencing for the last several years. (Just ask people who try to flip homes about how easy it is to “time the market.”) Sure, some parts of the year are more active than others, like spring, but that’s true of any overall market.

In Raleigh, the downtown apartment market is bouncing back, which indicates that developers are confident in the urban residential future of the city. The new building will be part of a much larger commercial/retail/residential project called The Edison. This is a terrific sign of the region’s overall economic health.

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