Like beer? Then you’ll like living in the Triangle

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Seven more—seven—craft beer makers are on the way to the Triangle area.

North Carolina is already one of the most popular places for independent breweries in the country and the Triangle is becoming its capital. According to the North Carolina Brewers Guild, “North Carolina boasts the largest number of craft breweries in the American South, with more than 50 breweries and brewpubs. It is also the most decorated state in the South with more medals from the World Beer Cup® and the Great American Beer Festival than any of its neighboring states.”

As an industry, craft beer has skyrocketed in the last decade, although it still makes up only a fraction of the overall market. Most of them tend to start the same way, too: a person starts fooling around with a store bought beer kit, casually shares the results with friends until one of them says, “Man, you need to sell this.”

Of course, not everyone who makes their own beer will end up with enough proceeds to fund a memorable Super Bowl commercial, but for most of them, that’s never really the point. Talk to a person who brews his or her own beer and the last thing you’ll hear about is how much money they’re making. It’s about their passion. Once a person steps away from the beer stereotypes of frat parties and sneaking a few from dad’s garage fridge stash, you’ll find a cadre of brewmasters as knowledgable and erudite about their craft as the most dedicated Napa Valley sommelier.

So congratulations to all those who are pursuing what they love, providing the region’s restaurants with terrific, local products and creating one more reason why the Triangle is such a grand place to call home. Cheers!

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