Raleigh-Cary in Top 10 of Cities with the Most College-Educated Residents

Posted on 06/12/12 No Comments

The New York Times named Raleigh-Cary #7 on its national list of metros with the most number of college-educated residents.

We’ve said for years that our terrific academic foundation is one of the reasons this area has thrived like it has. Having a number of colleges in just the right size market creates a perfect balance of ingenuity and affordability. More college graduates living in an area means more companies will come here to find great employees and that more people are apt to start their own companies. Additionally, college roots help secure a person to a specific area, a very evident characteristic of the south, where school and community¬†loyalties¬†run deeper than any other region in the country.

Also helping contribute to this ranking is our outstanding public school system. Of course, the housing market helps too.

We are very thankful to have been able to create such a healthy, stable lifestyle in this region and through our company, hope to do the same for others looking to settle here.

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