Here comes summer in the Triangle

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Summer in North Carolina

Okay, technically it’s still spring for a few weeks, but let’s not kid ourselves. When the colleges get out around here, everything just picks up a little; consider it a byproduct of living in a college community.

When summer comes to North Carolina, people start thinking about daily drives or week-long family stays at the coast. Others escape the heat by driving the other way to the mountains. North Carolina is made for the sunny, warm weather. Sure, it’s hot and steamy, but it’s the south, and that’s kind of the point.

There’s a different mood around here when the wam weather sets in. The entire region becomes more enamored with good times and memories than commute times and deadlines. We think it’s why so many people enjoy living here. It’s a lifestyle unlike anywhere else.

In another few weeks the high schools will be graduating its seniors and then summer will be in full swing. It’s close enough for now. Get out there and enjoy it.

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