MIT: Durham company develops one of world’s most promising technologies

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Sure, this is a real estate blog. But we’re also a local business, so we like to watch other local businesses find success. It’s good for the local economy and our already solid job market.

Point is, we have one of the nation’s top ten most innovative technology companies residing right here in the Triangle, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “Technology Review.” Semprius is a small manufacturer of solar panels that can generate 50 percent more power than standard solar cells being used today. MIT’s recognition labels Semprius’s product as “one of the world’s most promising technologies.”

If you don’t follow energy politics (don’t worry, few people do) you may know that one of the biggest knocks against solar power is its cost per watt of electricity. In other words, solar energy is really expensive. However, Semprius’s technology has the potential to lower the cost of installing large solar arrays that many believe can assist us in reducing (note: not eliminate) dependency on fossil fuels.

The company has also won several awards and is hoping to employ more than 250 area folks once its manufacturing plant is built in Henderson. Semprius is one of many nationally-recognized companies that operate here and employ our families, friends and graduates.

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