Nature Research Center at Natural Sciences Museum testament to everything cool about nature

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Nature Research Center at NC Museum of Natural History

If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s the big building with the Earth sticking out of it.

Located in Downtown Raleigh’s government and museum district along Jones St., the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences will soon be opening (April 20) the new Nature Research Center, which will house everything from the super-cool to the super-gross. (Studies on navel bacteria, anyone?) Either way, it’s all in the name of science.

The most prominent feature of the facility is obviously the giant model planet that juts out over the street like a blue and green wart. It’s actually called the SECU “Daily Planet” Multimedia Sphere, and its insides are good for all kinds of high-definition movies and 40-foot presentations about museum projects and research. Much of its use will aid live research being conducted at the center. How cool is that?

A big goal of this renovation was to allow citizens to observe actual science being conducted. This adds to the impact of the educational experience and also, justifiably so, allows citizens to see what our tax money has helped create. The museum will also play host to science conferences and peer symposiums.

This is very unique, very worthwhile addition to Downtown Raleigh. This is the type of facility that helps set the Triangle apart from other popular regions around the country. It’s a big city amenity in a small city atmosphere.

If you want to read more about everything going on at the North Carolina Nature Research Center, just check out its website.

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