Raleigh No.2 Fastest Growing U.S. City; Charlotte is #1

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Raleigh is the second fastest growing U.S. city

(click the image for the entire list on Money.CNN.com)

North Carolina sure is a nice place to live. And even though the Queen City made #1, we prefer the living arrangements here in the Triangle.

CNN/Money Magazine’s latest poll named Raleigh the nation’s second fastest growing city because of its wealth of academic resources and job opportunities with companies like Red Hat and Etix, not to mention companies like SAS (always on the Best Places to Work lists), IBM, Cisco and so many others.

This is especially important news to us as real estate agents. More people means a healthier housing market, for buyers and sellers. It also helps our economy through boosts in retail spending, construction and corporate growth.

Naturally, the weather has a lot to do with it, as does the availability of so many great retirement communities, health care facilities, arts centers and college sports. So yeah, we’re not surprised at the pace of growth here.

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