Chapel Hill makes statement on safety with new cell phone law

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Chapel Hill, NC is first town in US to ban all forms of cell phone use while driving

Some may say this is government going too far. But then again, those folks may not have a student attending college in Chapel Hill.

The town has approved a law that forbids cell phone use while driving—even hands-free use. It is the first city in the country to do so. For all the parents who have kids walking across the intersections and driving to class everyday, this is important news.

Most people are reluctant to agree, but know in their hearts, that it is really the conversation, not the use of your hands, that creates the distraction of using a phone while driving. As real estate agents who spend more time than most on a cellular phone, you’ll hear little argument from us on that point. How many times have you been on a call while driving, even via your headset, then can’t recall the history of the drive once you hang-up. “Wow, I’m here already?”

Chapel Hill always seems to stir up controversy a few times every year. That’s the nature of small college towns. However, this really isn’t all that controversial. It’s a law about safety. We suppose there will be some issues at first, especially with folks not realizing when they happen to cross into the town’s borders, thus unknowingly violating the new rule.

Chapel Hill’s cell phone law kicks in June 1 of this year. Be careful out there.

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