All Triangle teams are done dancing

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All three Triangle teams are out of the 2012 Big Dance

Another great basketball season is in the books. For the Triangle-area college teams, anyway.

Duke is probably the biggest story because of their first round loss to #15 seed Lehigh. It would be easy for just about any fan of any other team to rub a little salt in this gaping wound if it wasn’t such a great story for the sake of March Madness, which is so great precisely because of this type of upset. This year, it was the Blue Devils’ turn. Ouch.

The Tar Heels did what most thought they would do given their inconsistency throughout the season. The talent, as usual, was remarkable and Tyler Zeller emerged, with all due respect to Mr. Marshall, as the team’s best story. Zeller is a smart player with athleticism and size. No doubt he’ll make a splash in the league. It was tough for the Heels to lose to Kansas again in such a critical match-up, given all the odd Roy Williams backstory. Still, there is nothing to be that upset about in this year’s loss. It was a great game and the Heels proved to be quite deep after losing Marshall to a broken wrist.

The Wolfpack of Raleigh appears to be back. However, we couch that statement in a big fluffy cushion of cautious optimism. There is no denying that the ACC is a better league when one of its founding member teams is performing at a high level. However, it’s been so long since that’s been the case that it may not even be true anymore. Time will tell. Should next year’s recruiting class contribute as the recruiting experts presume and this year’s playmakers remain, NC State’s on-paper talent will be equal to any team’s in the nation; especially those playing down the road.

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