Triangle To-Do: Lewis Black at DPAC on April 13

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Lewis Black is playing at DPAC on April 13

Lewis Black is one of the most unique stand-up comedians working today. Actually, “stand-up comedian” may not quite explain him. Black is as much of a comedian as he is a salient observer of the public conscience. As he often says, he yells so we don’t have to.

No topic is off limits to Black, who attended UNC-Chapel Hill to study drama. And boy does he have a flair for it. Black is able to present his positions without ever going to too “blue,” the industry term for vulgar. He’s a thinking adult’s entertainer, energizing critical discourse on much of what we think is off-limits at parties and work gatherings. He’s conversational, enlightening and sometimes infuriating. But that’s how he likes it.

Lewis Black is playing at the Durham Performing Arts Center on Friday, April 13.

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