Is that Spring?

Posted on 03/16/12 No Comments

Post-season basketball is usually the first sign. Then you get forecasts like this.

It’s hard to say just how many families move to the Triangle for the weather. Suffice it to say, quite a bit. Certainly no shame in that.

This time of year around Cary and Apex, the playgrounds start to get busier, more people return to the Capital Area Greenway and the woods of Umstead State Park start to see as many people as deer. In Downtown Raleigh’s bars and restaurants, patio seating becomes the hot spot again and people stay out a bit later, taking advantage of the new sunlight.

Lest we forget, weekends at the beach begin to creep into people’s imaginations. (The mountains still need another few weeks.) Whether it’s for a long-planned family reunion or quick escape on a three-day weekend, North Carolina’s beaches are part of the fabric of the Triangle community. It’s about now when people start to get an itch for a breath of salty air and a plate of crab.

We may have another few instances of winter weather up ahead. But they won’t last long, not now. Yeah, that’s spring alright.

We’re glad it’s back.

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